Thursday, July 31, 2008

Short Report on FFL Conference

We had a wonderful time at the Children With Diabetes/Friends for Life Conference in Orlando, Florida, which we just returned from. (See slide shows below). If anyone has a child (or a teen) with diabetes, this is definitely the place to be! The CWD people have this every year, and it's always some place in Florida. Not a bad place to have it. Next year it will be at Disney's Coronado Resort. Even though Aaron has had type 1 diabetes for over 8 years, there is always something to learn. And the People!! Everyone we met was very nice, we made some life-long friends. Everything, and I do mean everything, was top-notch. And we got to go to Universal Studios/Orlando!!! If you want to check it out further, the website is I'm sure Jeff Hitchcock (the creator and CEO of will have a full report with pictures on that website within a couple of weeks. If finances are a problem, the website also has info on scholarships and financial help to go next year.

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  1. Nice place.It must have been wonderful experience.


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