Monday, September 1, 2008

School and Diabetes and 3 Day Weekends and Other Family Stuff

I love 3 day weekends! School tomorrow...I have mixed feelings on this. Allow me to explain...of course I will miss the little nippers on my Mondays off, but it'll be nice to have the house to myself. It's a drag that I have to go to the school to check Aaron's blood sugar and give him his insulin, but we still would rather do this than to trust someone at the school with this task. Aaron and Emily will have different lunch periods, would have been nice to have them at the same time. We got good news the other day, Emily has the same teacher that Aaron had for 1st grade, whom we loved! It's so nice when your kids get a teacher that you like.

Matt seems to have settled in at Ferris, and Jessie is taking classes at Macomb Community College. She still has no idea what she wants to do with her life, but that's O.K., at least she is preparing for the future.

Oh, did I mention that I love 3 day weekends?

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