Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aaron's Anniversary

Today is the ninth anniversary of Aaron's diagnosis with diabetes. To be honest, I wouldn't have even remembered had Gloria not reminded me a couple of days ago. I think this is the first time that the anniversary and Easter fell on the same day. And if I'm being totally honest, it really is just another day. My feeling is that there is nothing we can do about him having diabetes, and of course there is no reason to celebrate. We can pray for a cure, and do everything we can to help find that cure, but other than trying to remember what we were doing through those nine years is about it. Nine years is a long time...I remember giving Aaron his bottle with cornstarch at night. I remember feeding him "Gerber Graduates" meals. But other than stuff like that, life goes on!

Aaron was breastfed up until 6 months. He is the only one of our four children who we (I say we metaphorically) breastfed. I'm not a person who normally wonders "what if?", but I do wonder if that had anything to do with him being our only child with diabetes. Even if it were true, there is no going back, and of course, like I said in my last post, I totally don't blame anyone, including ourselves, in Aaron getting diabetes. I've heard theories that cow's milk has a cause in getting type 1 diabetes. I don't really believe that, but who knows? I have often wondered why there isn't some kind of nationwide, or worldwide database or something with the circumstances of each child who gets diabetes, maybe there is a common link or something.

Just some random thoughts on this anniversary day! Until there's a cure!!!


  1. No "what-if's", they will drive you nuts! If it makes you feel any better,my mom didn't breastfeed any of her 6 kids, and 3 of us ended up with t1.
    Celebrate his D-day(It's passed, I know)by celebrating the wonderfulness that is Aaron.

  2. Thanks, Kelly, for your comments.


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