Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aaron's A1C

Aaron's doctor appointment was today, his A1C is 7.7! Yes! We try to keep his A1C under 8.0, so this is a great number. We briefly discussed getting a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) with the pediatric endo. His feeling (and we agree) is that the con's right now outweigh the pro's. Aaron's control is fairly good, and he is very good about recognizing lows and telling us when he feels low. He has never had a severe low in ten years of dealing with this disease. The additional site on his body is not something that he or us want to deal with. And the fact that CGM technology is less than perfect is a factor. The doctor suggested that it would be great if the CGM companies rented the CGM stuff to try out. We may contact Medtronic about this. Our thoughts on this will probably change in the future, especially when he starts puberty and his numbers are more irregular. But for now, we're going to keep on keeping on and continue as we are doing. Until a cure!


  1. Congrats on both the A1C and never having a severe low. That's amazing.

    If you work with your endo's office you may be able to try out a CGM. I think that Dexcom provides a refund within the first 14 days of using it, I could be wrong. I was able to get a 1-week trial of the latest Dexcom which persuaded me to get it.

    I do know that the needle gauge on the Medtronic is a lot bigger than the Dexcom, that may be a big factor for Aaron. For this and other reasons, you definitely should not get any CGM without a trial or the ability for a refund. Each model is slightly different and some folks find that one make doesn't work for them while another is excellent.

  2. Thanks, Bernard, for your advice and congrats.

  3. Just discovered your blog today. What did you decide about a trial with a CGM?


  4. Ellen-we're still debating about a CGM trial. I'm thinking we'll just wait a while before taking the plunge.

  5. Just found your site from Dlife. Great job on the a1c


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