Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aaron's A1C

We had the pediatric endocrinologist appointment this week, and Aaron's A1C was again 7.7. I feared that it would be higher this time because it seemed to me that his blood sugar was high more often, but negatory! Very pleased about that. We also really like the new Doctor, Dr. Julie Surhigh. We seem to be very good patients according to her and Renee Thurman, the nurse and certified diabetes educator. (Hope I spelled that right, sorry Renee!) Will post more later...promise!


  1. Jeff: Just stumbled across your blog, and am glad to have found you here in the Diabetes Online Community! Actually, it's a small world - I'm originally from St. Clair Shores myself, now living in Indianapolis. Grew in the Shores, attended and graduated from Oakland Univ., and lived in Oakland County for a while before moving out of state post-college. So, you're not too far from the old home front! Hope Aaron is doing well! I'll look forward to reading more, and seeing you around here in the DOC!

  2. Thanks, Michael, for you comments! I'll probably be updating the blog after our JDRF walk this Sunday (9-26-10).


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