Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yea, yea, I know it's been a long time since my last post (last June!?) Just a short post today, though, because I wanted to gloat a little about Aaron's A1C. And, (drum roll, please, in case you didn't see the headline of this post)....7.3! Yessss!!! Also, Aaron's pump warranty is up in May or June, and we are considering changing pump brands. Thoughts please? He is currently on a Minimed Paradigm 522. We have been pretty happy with the Minimed pump and the Minimed company. Seems like the two biggest differences between the new Minimed Revel and the other pump we are considering, the Animas (Johnson & Johnson) Ping, is the remote with the Ping, and the fact that the continuous glucose monitor is integrated with the Revel. Since we are probably not going to go the continous glucose monitor route any time soon, the remote issue is the most important to us right now. So, we are leaning toward the Ping. Again, thoughts please? The remote, with the built in carb reference and the ability to control bolus's and basals and other pump functions from the remote, seems like a really great tool.  But, 7.3 with the current Minimed!  Decisions, decisions.

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